World Cup or Indian Premier League (IPL)?


The Cricket World Cup is a global event, regarded as the "flagship event of international cricket". The World Cup brings all cricket playing countries to one center stage where they compete with each other for the title "Champions of the World". Occurring every four years, it is the most awaited tournament in the sport.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is an Indian Domestic cricket league that was started in India after the T-20 version of the game became popular. The league welcomes players from all over the world to participate & to make the tournament more competitive. After 11 successful editions of the League, it is regarded as the best domestic league.


The Cricket World Cup may not be regarded as a Glamorous Tournament however, it has its share of attraction. Cricket is a rich sport. The stakes and the money invested in the overall conduct of the tournament is high. Hosting a Cricket World Cup is a big opportunity for the hosting nation to improve, its Economy, Tourism, and the Global reach. The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 generated a total economic impact on the UK of more than GDP 350 million.

Indian Premier League can be known as the most Glamorous cricketing that exists. The involvement of Bollywood stars in the inauguration to the enthusiasm and the energy displayed by the players themselves makes the league more colorful. This glamorous league catches the eye of every other country growing the demand for their participation. Players are paid the Big Bucks to showcase their immense talent.

Talent Hunt

Being a part of the Cricket World Cup squad is a dream. Already playing at the highest international level, players give out their best to be the selector's choice for the World Cup squad. Since WC occurs every four years, teams & the selectors have enough time to judge & weigh out their options for the perfect team. Talent Hunt for the WC is an elaborate process that takes time to give results.

Indian Premier League is the backbone of Indian Cricket. Young talented cricketers get a huge amount of exposure playing alongside the much more experienced local & foreign players. Teams scout for talented players who can provide X-Factor for their team in the league. Now with the world watching young talented stars can shine & break records.

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