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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Author: Shashank B V

When you were born, you were exposed to something new, from the first steps you took to the cute words you spoke, everything was new. The love you were showered with was unknown but comfortable and warm. You never understood, why everyone around you loved you so much but that is the perk of being a kid right? Your senses were just observing but not understanding.

Then came the new-fangled part!

"Growing up" we were questioned, guided, loved, troubled, hated, confused, and taught new things, but the whole concept of self-love came when we became independent of our thoughts. We met a lot of people, we enjoyed the company of a few, felt weird, even hate a few or have been hated by others.

What is self-love?

Is it self-discipline, selfish, alone, fit, smart, caring, dancing, painting? This list goes on, isn't it?

When I questioned myself firmly, I found out that self-love can be anything.

What does ‘finding self-love in anything’ mean?

As we grow, we are exposed to a lot of things. Positive and negative atmospheres, lifestyle, relationship, habits, but cutting it short to better view of the understanding environment, perspectives, and people, the common point that connects all of this is EXPECTATIONS!

Deep down we all have heartfelt stories that most of us don't like to shed a light on, and that's where self-love is hidden.

We need to understand that self-love is like a healer, it's not something you expect or harmonise for healing, but it's that 'love that triggers' your own ability to heal yourself over and over again to any kind of situation you're exposed to. During this process, we build trust in ourselves and try not to get affected by the new environments we will be exposed to.

Picture this, when a bird sits on a tree, it's not there because it trusts the branch, rather it sits there knowing that it can rely on its wings if the branch falls.

Self-love is strength. We must grow to a point where our mood isn't shifted on the trifling actions of others. Self-love directs you to control your life.

When we explore our resistance through self-love, we gain consciousness of our innocence.

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