we will be alright

By Shreeya Keerthy

never dull out the tunes in your head,

for every breath you take

every sound you make,

a song is birthed.

sing your songs,

get on your way

to the mountains you built

with every step you took

every change you made

for something better.

set sail on the oceans you formed

with every tear you shed

every storm you braved.

you could build wonders

with every smile you smile

every laugh you share

in this world so sorrowful and scared.

don't simply walk through life


prance, and

ballet through it

show 'em your moves

turn their heads.

when you're 80 and your legs don't obey,

balter through it.

the world is relative

and it's creations,

all your own

so long as you know that,

you'll be alright.

we'll be alright.

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