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Top 7 Most Awaited PS5 Games

After months of hints and small reveals, Sony’s PS5 is finally out in the public eye. The company revealed its next-gen console in a games-focused Livestream the other week, highlighting some of the exclusive and multiplatform games coming to the new machine. We also got to see the box for the first time, something Microsoft did with its Xbox Series X back in January. So for this list, we’ll be highlighting the games you should consider picking when these consoles launch.

Here are the 7 games:

1. Ghost Wire, Tokyo

We first got a tease of this game at E3 2019, but now we got a better look at what the game is all about; Fighting lots of Slendermen like figures and Headless schoolgirls with mystical powers. The game is certainly more on the stylistic side, and it appears we may even get a chance to travel through the haunted Tokyo on a motorcycle. Nearly all of Tokyo's citizens have vanished mysteriously, and otherworldly spirits (known as Visitors) have invaded the city. The player character's supernatural powers begin to manifest. That said, the visuals do give us a bit of pause for concern. Still, there is time to fix them up before its 2021 release.

2. Hitman3

The 3rd series is said to launch in 2021. Hitman was first released in 2004, later by 2009 it sold 2 million copies. Hitman 3 will focus on Agent 47 getting down the partners of Providence and will be the ruthless profession, a lot of features have been added such as the freedom to tackle, to enter the gun blazing situations, Players can also choose to use disguises, elected to eavesdrop, or even sneak on rooftops.

The death awaits in January 2021.

3. The Forbidden Horizon West

This upcoming action game that is developed by Guerilla Games. It is the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn. The description of the video says "Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story as she moves west to a far-future America to brave a majestic, but dangerous frontier where she’ll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats."

The game is to have waited till 2021.

4. Little Devil Inside

The trailer tells a two-part story: one part follows an elderly man's pampered life, and the other part follows a monster hunter who works for him. Every scene of the hunter's desperate struggle to dispatch fearsome creatures and survive out in the wild is juxtaposed with the old man enjoying the comforts of the city, including flush toilets. The trailer reveals new scenes, monsters, and glimpses of gameplay in various environments."

5. Project Athia

The teaser trailer for Project Athia is only a minute-long and did not provide enough details on the story, setting, and gameplay but, it was more than enough to make an impact.

The game world looks simply stunning, and the character models and assets looked impressive as well. The game is being developed by Luminous Studios exclusively for the PS5 and published by Square Enix. There were several innovative and visually stunning games on display at the PS5 Reveal Event, but perhaps none were more visually impressive than Project Athia.

6. Demon's Soul

Marketing maestro Eric Lempel believes Sony introduced the “biggest first-party lineup in PlayStation history” during PlayStation 5 showcase, and one title he’s particularly looking forward to people getting their hands on is the oft-rumored Demon’s Souls. Originally released for PlayStation 3 back in 2009, Demon's Souls is the precursor to the Dark Souls series. Much like the titles that would follow, the game is renowned for its blend of methodical combat and unforgiving difficulty.

7. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

After 2018’s Amazing “Marvel’s Spider-Man” we knew its sequel would have a greater focus on Miles, what with his slow-paced side story; and the ending where he revealed his identity to Peter Parker. While details are scarce at this time, we are expected to see 2 iconic villains in Spidey’s rogue's gallery based on the first game’s post-credits scene: Green Goblin and Venom, though the latter having the identity of Harry Osborne rather than Eddie Brock. We also know that this game is coming out this year as a PS5 exclusive, so it's very likely that this will be a launch title.

That's sums up the top 7 most awaited PS5 games of the year.

Hope these games are breathtaking and brighten up all the gamers' mood out there! Greatness certainly awaits!

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