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"Music is the universal language of mankind." – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. On today's social dialogue we have a YouTuber and a musician who is trained in this field since she was a kid! Her musical sense drives her interest in this specific field! She is a budding artist who is reaching out to many with social media. Check out this interview to know more about her!

Tell us about your schooling and education.

My schooling has been different, though. I was homeschooled until the age of six, where I had different teachers for dance, music, art, English, and math. I was literally that princess locked in her castle. I also shifted multiple schools growing up but graduated from Bishop Cottons Girls High School. I went on to do PCME in Christ and then took up Computer Science Engineering.

What first got you into music?

Music indeed runs in my blood because my father trained in music for almost ten years. Ever since I can remember, I've been attending a lot of concerts. My father used to organize concerts and invite notable musicians who'd perform for us. Most of these concerts were conducted in our old house, where we had an auditorium. A few public concerts were conducted too in auditoriums across Bangalore. Being exposed to such incredible artists from a young age made me realize that music brings so much happiness and joy, and its something I'm genuinely passionate about.

What was the trigger point that made you decide to take up music this seriously?

I started training in music when I was three, and the close association with a few artists made me pursue music more passionately. There are two crucial trigger points, though. When I did my junior exam for Indian Classical Music, I hadn't prepared much as I was quite sick a week before the test. Despite that, I fared well, and I still remember my invigilator praise me. She motivated me and said that I have it within me to be a musician.

I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) or a Lockjaw syndrome. There was a point in my life where it got serious. I thought I would never be able to sing again, and that thought disheartened me. That's when I knew I really need to pursue music. I never wanted to give it up. If not as a profession, I'd love to go about it as a passion.

Did you study music?

Yes, I have studied music. I have studied Indian classical and Western classical music. I did my junior in Indian classical, and I'm pursuing my seniors now. I have also been taking up examinations from the Trinity and the Royal School of Music.

Do you ever wish to go abroad and study music?

I wouldn't want to study music as a master's course, but I'd probably do a short course on songwriting and music composition. It's a dream to go to Berklee School of Music. I'd also love to travel across the world and expose myself to new genres of music.

Which is your favourite instrument? Do you own any?

I have a guitar and a keyboard. I love both. I really can't say I'm good at both, but I'm still learning. I had focused only on my vocals throughout my life, but now I've decided to branch out and work on the instruments as well.

Can you give us one real and reel life inspiration for your music?

My father and my Indian classical music teacher have been my biggest inspirations. I really love the divas, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion. They've all had an incredible impact on my life, and I really look up to them.

Is there any movie that inspired you?

Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are my favourites. I also love the theme songs of Come September, Beverly Hills Cop, and Good Bad Ugly.

Your life revolves around movies and music. Do you show interest in acting as well?

Growing up, I did a lot of theatre. I performed in a few musicals as well, like Rumpelstiltskin and Hamlet. I also went to the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama.

Tell us about your first performance. Also, mention your favourite one.

I was three years old, and I remember performing on stage. Least did I know then, it would turn out to be one of my favourite activities in the future. I really loved my performance at a musical production. That's my favourite so far.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

As of now, I have no upcoming shows. At present, I'm working on my examinations and experimenting with music.

Can you imagine a world without YouTube and Instagram? Would that affect your music in any way?

Well, that's a great question. A lot of my time is spent on making music videos on Instagram and YouTube. Yet I do not feel a world without Instagram or YouTube would stop me from doing what I genuinely love. I'd still be pursuing music and putting out content in some way.

If not in music, then which other fields would your interest lie in?

I wish to be an Entrepreneur. I've always seen myself as a businesswoman. Apart from music, I think that's what excites me.

Your first video on Insta has 1.8k views, and the one on YT has 1.1K views. How did you feel when you reached the 1000 milestone?

Of course, it brings me a lot of joy and happiness that many people are watching and loving my videos, but I've never been that girl who cares much about numbers. Maybe in the future, when I hit the actual milestones, I'd care about it. As of now, I'm just happy to do what I love.

You started off with cover songs, and now you write your own songs? How did this transition happen?

I've actually been writing songs all my life. I have a book full of songs. This definitely isn't something that started out of the blue. I've always been trying to channelize my inner Taylor Swift. This is an appropriate time to bring out those songs. I've just started, so let's see where this goes.

How did brand collabs start?

Brand collaborations just happened. I made a few light-hearted videos on Instagram, and brands started approaching me. A few of them were even willing to pay me, so I was like 'This is fun, why not give it a try?'

We have noticed you singing English songs, when can we expect a Kannada song?

You can expect a Kannada song soon. I have been trained in Indian Classical, so it isn't a big deal. Just that I haven't sung a Kannada song to date, and I would definitely do it soon.

Have you collaborated with musicians?

I've collaborated with quite a few musicians. I feel as an artist, collaborations are of utmost importance. It will make sure your music has depth, and you can draw inspiration from these performances.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would be honored to perform with the divas. It's my biggest dream, and I would probably cherish that moment forever!

What is next for you?

I will continue to follow my passion. Come what may, I'm not a person who would give up that easily. I have several things planned out. So it's high time I venture out and pursue my passion.

Thank you so much, Gargi. That's it for today's Social Dialogue! Tune in next Sunday for another exciting interview!

Interviewer : Hiranmayi Guntur

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