The Philosophy of our Constitution

We all know that the Constitution is a document which determines how the country is to be governed. But do we all know the philosophy of this meticulous document? I will try to educate you about this very philosophy in this article.

The Indian Constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly consisting of 299 members of whom 284 were actually present on 26th November 1949. Legal provisions and institutional arrangements depend upon the needs of the society and the philosophy adopted by the society. The Constitution gives expression to this philosophy. The institutional arrangements are based on a core and commonly agreed vision. That vision has historically emerged through our struggles for independence and freedom.

It is a popular opinion that the best summary of the philosophy of the Constitution is to be found in the preamble to our Constitution.

The preamble makes a very humble claim: the Constitution is not ‘given’ by a body of great men, it is prepared and adopted by ‘We, the people of India…’.

Thus, the people are themselves the makers of their own destinies, and democracy is the instrument that people have used for shaping their present and future.

As citizens of this country who have adopted and followed our Constitution, we should understand this vision and take it forward with us. We should respect and follow the vision of living and prospering together as one community.

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