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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

This grandiose site belongs to the Sandalwood State, Karnataka. Located near southern banks of Tungabhadra, this was the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Today I will share my knowledge about this place. One of the most historical monuments of Karnataka is Hampi. This city was built by Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijaynagara Empire in the era of 1500 AD but sadly this monument was destroyed during the battle of Talikota in 1556 CE.

This very unique sculpture lies on the pillars of the temple. It shows 7 different animal parts like an elephant's trunk, horse's hair, tiger's nails, rabbit's ears that have been grouped along with the main structure of a lion and a crocodile. This magnificent structure is called Yali.


1. An idol of Lord Krishna in the temple was bought by Krishnadeva Raya from the small city of Udayagiri when he was on his way back to the kingdom after conquering Orrisa.

2. There are carving of fishes on some walls that symbolize the water zones i.e, the ponds, rivers, and water tanks.

3. The famous monolithic sculpture of Narasimha made in 1528 stands 6.7m long and is one of the largest statues in Hampi. Arya Krishna Bhata is the architect of this remarkable structure. Its former name was yoga Lakshmi Narasimha. There was a sculpture of Lakshmi sitting on the lap of Narasimha but was demolished by the Sultans when they attacked Hampi.

4. This place is also known as 'Kishkinda' (monkey kingdom). It is believed that the events of Ramayana took place here. It is also said that Lord Ram came looking for Sita and met Hanuman, a special character of this epic mythology.

5. The elephant statues that are near to the Mahanavim Dibba appear to be ordinary stones but when stroked with a piece of stone, it produces the sound of metal.

6. Hampi is the second largest heritage city in the world since 1986.

7. This antiquated temple is also known for its wonderful works on 56 extra-ordinary pillars, they create melodic sounds when they are tapped! These are also called the SAREGAMA pillars.



The Virupakasha temple is the oldest in Hampi. Just behind the temple, there is a dark chamber that leads downstairs, and when the sunlight falls on the western wall through the eastern hole of the wall. The shadow of the temple appears upside down! Isn't that crazy? It's still a mystery.


There is a rock formation that boulders each other, it is a myth that the rocks are of the two sisters who were cursed by a rishi as they were found downgrading this marvelous place. On listening to this, rishi cursed them into stones.

(seen near the Pataleshwara temple)


Pampa Devi wanted to marry Shiva. She performed much penance to his favor. Shiva came to meditate on the Hemakuta hill, her prayer was received with success and she became the wife of Lord Shiva. Since then she is regarded in the form of Durga.

During their Wedding, it is said that other gods of heaven had blessed them by showering golds on the couple.

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