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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Author: Swathi V

I was always a kid with expectations for a life bigger than life itself. I always envisaged myself of being better, being creative. I never realized what I wanted to be in life. I always hoped that I’ll eventually figure it out, but wait, whom am I kidding? Of course, I freaked out. I wanted everything planned and perfect. I mean who does not?

Remember when they said that things will fall into place eventually? Well, I believe it is true. You believe in a few things only when it has happened to you. After so many failures (as they call it) I thought I should not be trying so hard to know what I love doing.

Designing came into my life in a very unexpected way. That is when I started believing in love at first sight! Just kidding. Anyway, when I started to explore the concept of designing, I knew that things have finally fallen into place. I started designing at the age of 19 and I am 21 now. So, it is coherent that I am still learning a lot every passing day.

A day in my life aka a designer’s life.

Interior designers must work closely with other individuals involved in the project, including the architects, on-site workers, vendors, clients, and more. Creating designs using specific software is time-consuming, while it is extremely interesting as well. Upon trying to understand in detail about the process of designing, a typical day in my life; it starts with planning the work for the entire day. Working on a specific project with the client’s requirements and guidelines and what kind of creative design space expects.

Post receiving the requirement from the client, researching on the topic a little to get a solid understanding of the same. For inspiration, I look at various references to different designs that are made on the same or similar themes. Along with the ideas drawn from external websites, combined with my own, I come up with new designs. The next step after the research is conceptualization. Based on the topic the client provides, the concepts will be created.

Once the concept gets approved, now the task is to create the design. For this, I use design software such as AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up Pro,3DS Max, Lumion, Photoshop, and more. When the design is ready, it will be executed on-site before which the material selection has to be done as per the design.

This is what a typical day looks like in my life. Like any other job, this one could also get a little hectic on certain days. As I said the job satisfaction of creating a good design and the appreciation that follows that is what drives me to do better work each time.

Designing is not a subject to me; it is a way of life. Living the life of a Designer can be incredibly stressful, but for me, nothing is more satisfying than designing an abode for a precious family. It is unique. Any work can be satisfying when you absolutely love what you are doing.

Designing someone’s home, giving someone a place to call it home makes it special and home is an incredibly special word to me. The satisfaction you get to see in your client’s eyes cannot match anything good that could ever happen. Not only homes but designing any place which makes you feel welcome is the motto of a Designer according to me.

Hoping to get inspired by things and people around me, be a better person, a little less selfish, and inspire people. Let me tell you a little something: there’s a designer in each one of us and you can explore and embrace it only with hard work and out of the box thinking because like I said, It’s a way of life.

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