The Baggage Carrier

Life is hard. We all understand the fact and try our best to always remain one step ahead. But do you sometimes feel, no matter how hard you try there is something that hinders you off? That's the Baggage!

More often then not, people regret their past actions and carry them around for the rest of their life. It could be something they did, something they didn't or something that came as a consequence of their action. It just keeps on draining their vitality. However, people don't realize that the same Baggage can have a positive effect on all their endeavors and can turn into their armor. The first step is acceptance.

Justifying and telling yourself, your action came as a direct response to the critical situation you were in. Second, look for all the positive outcomes of that action. Third, believe there is always a brighter side to life.

Some skills in life have to be earned in a hard way! Sometimes, people change the way they look into life after some sort of unpleasant incident. As a consequence, unknowingly they pick up a few new skills. However, it doesn't come into the light, until they lose the baggage. You have to be ready to let go, in order to realize the existence of newly picked up mannerism or skills.

Move on feeling lighter, move on feeling blessed with the new vision for life. Believe that every good or bad experience in life can have a positive effect.

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