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The Austrian GP

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

With the first race of the season done, this weekend is expected to be as amazing as the last one if not more. Be it the racing point proving to be a podium competitor, Mercedes’ total domination, Red bulls settings failure, Ferraris unexpected podium finish or our beloved Lando boy’s podium in the Mclaren which is proving to be a competitive team again, the first race of the season wasn’t short of drama. These are my top 5 things to look forward to the season ahead:

5) Ferraris lack of speed : There is nowhere to hide for the Maranello who are lacking speed big time. Even the teams that use the Ferrari engines are struggling for speed. But the Leclerc’s podium finish might just be the motivation the team needed to get a strong car Hungary to compete with red bull and Mercedes.

4) Mclaren are back : One of F1’s most celebrated teams are slowly but surely back to b competing for championships. Having a rough decade Mclaren finally finished on podium and seem to improving every race.

3) Racing point are fast : It is no secret that the racing point cars are a version copy of the 2019 Mercedes. But 2 engine failures in the first race might get them to concentrate more on their engines to make sure they compete for the podium which they are capable of.

2) Red bull : Last weekend Red bull were expected to be in the top but one settings failure and one unlucky coming together with Hamilton saw their hopes crash. There is no doubt that the team would be thirsty for success in their home grand prix this weekend.

1) Mercedes’ complete domination: As it has been the case for the past 5 years Mercedes seem to be faster than every other team this year too. But will Hamilton come out on top to win his 7th world championship or will Bottas continue his good form from last weekend and crash Hamilton’s party?

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