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UDAIPUR -- One of the most romantic cities in India!

It is also called the “THE CITY OF LAKES"

Well, today I am sharing with you the facts and story of one of the architectural wonders of Rajasthan, City Palace in Udaipur which is the largest palace complex of the state. The most popular sightseeing place in Udaipur, City Palace stands magnificently on the eastern banks of Lake Pichola.

City Palace of Udaipur is considered as the royal possession of Rajput which started under the rule of Maharana Udai Singh II.

The obelisk building is over 400 years old and has the various marble works, granite, towers, domes, and pillars which add a flavor to the heritage site. This monument towers the Pichola lake and is a marvelous assortment of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, and hanging gardens!

As we set foot into the site, we come across the yard having the finest blossoms with its pleasant fragrance.

Subsequently, we reach up to the museum to find the pictures and dresses, spoons, bowls, swords, paintings (trust me even their game boards!) of the rulers i.e the Mewars and their wives.

Quite an entertaining place, but going down (basically upstairs), the stairs are so steep and narrow.

Later, reaching to the top destination to get this amazing view with the garden with benches to laze upon, we reach the top floor of the Mahal.

Which floor do you think this might be?

Believe me, it is the 4th floor! Hats off to the architecture!

If you are into photography then this is a place worth visiting


1. A game was played in the reign of Mewar’s. It was all about having elephants on either side of a wall. They were allowed to fight holding onto each other's trunk and whose ever trunk would touch the wall first would lose!

2. Maharana Sajjan Singh wrote the first book “Veer Vinod” and he used a kerosene fan.

3. The Chessboard and the pawns were made of pure silver and the bottles of the perfume that were bought for women were made of silver too! (lucky women they were, weren’t they? )

4. There is a big tub made of granite that was installed on the 1st floor, and during every ceremony of the king, the tub would be filled with 1001 silver coins and after the pooja was over, the King used to rain all those silver coins to the public as a tradition!

( The main reason for building the tub up there was to avoid people standing on that appropriate place as the ground floor in that area was a Shiva temple.)

5. The famous movie “The Jungle Book” and one of its characters named “Bagheera” was named after the town of Udaipur.

6. The Spectacles are worn by Ben Kingsley, who played the role Mahatma Gandhi is placed here!

7. Fateprakash Palace, is now a luxury hotel, has a crystal gallery that consists of crystal chairs, dressing tables, sofas, tables, chairs and beds, crockery, which were never used. There is also a jewel-studded carpet here. Maharana Sajjan Singh had ordered these rare items in 1877 from London but he died ere they arrived here. It is said that the packages containing these crystals remained unopened for 110 years.

8. Did you know!?

Maharana of Udaipur was cursed by a girl? It is true!

Natini Chabutra is a "Natani" (tightrope walker) legend. Maharana Jawan Singh, in an inebriated state, and he had assured "Natani" that half the kingdom of Mewar would be gifted to her if she crossed the lake over a tightrope stretched across the lake from a village on the west bank of the lake to the City Palace on the east bank. It is said that she was tricked since the rope got cut off before she was to reach the other end of the rope. The girl plunged into the lake and drowned. Before she died, it is believed that she cursed that the Maharana's family, who from then on would not have any direct descendants or heirs. This curse is said to have come true since six Ranas out of the seven Jawan Singh were adopted sons.

So! That’s it for today!

I will come back with some different places with more exciting facts!

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