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Updated: Jul 5, 2020



Whether you are at school, university, or at work, your first concern would be your productivity, memory-boosting, and higher concentration. We know that reaching goals has become increasingly challenging with increasing competition. Considering one spends most of the day performing work-related activities, which require both physical and psychological energy, you may be asking yourself: does your lifestyle really impact your productivity? and the answer is a big "yes!". One does not need a huge investment to improve the quality and merely depends on the various lifestyle choices you take, which can help you lead a more productive and happy life. Here are 5 tools and benefits that you can implement on a daily basis to optimize your quality of life at work and yield even better results.

1. Exercise: As you are growing up, the thought of breaking a sweat breaks your spirit, it might be time to think about fun ways you can get active, just like you’re a kid again. It helps brain development. Encourage the practice of sports and physical exercise as sports can decrease stress levels and improve the quality of life. However, if you can take out time to go to a gym. Go ahead!

2. Eat healthy: You know how important eating well is for your body. But did you know how important it is for your mind? nutrition plays a much broader role in global productivity than you think. Food choices impact your health, wellness, mood, and energy levels. Eating healthy is linked to workplace productivity, and good mental health leads to higher productivity and boosts creativity and happiness. So, treat yourself with healthy food and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Stay happy: A happy person is a productive person. Staying happy leads to increased excitement around creativity, leading to better information sharing, ideas, and ultimately improved team performance. Don't forget to entertain yourself at regular intervals to rejuvenate yourself. You could watch some of the stand-up comedy videos or do anything which makes you feel good.

3. Work-life balance: The terms employee quality of life and productivity are increasingly associated with successful companies since they realize that in order to achieve corporate goals, work is an essential element and one of greater influence in the quality of life of individuals. After all, if you are working under extremely high pressure, with insufficient resources and inadequate work environments, you are likely to be less productive. Being more flexible when it comes to working hours can be a good start. Take some time off and enjoy to undertake focused work.

4. Stress: Nothing takes a larger toll on productivity than stress.

It is paramount to keep yourself motivated and promote an energetic environment. This issue is commonly known to originate from an array of factors. Thus, in order to eliminate stress and increase productivity, it is essential to invest in employee quality of life. In addition, several other problems become frequent, such as insomnia, anxiety, psychic disorders, headaches, and arterial, heart, and gastric issues — ultimately affecting the performance of these professionals.

5. Plan your work environment: We need to be both physically and psychologically comfortable. It will come as no surprise too many to discover that control over our environments makes a difference in how we feel. Personal control makes us feel more confident. An environment that is dimly lit, humid, with no ventilation or which offers inadequate equipment and furniture for the performance of the job, may generate high levels of dissatisfaction. Therefore, simply seek a more enjoyable and clutter-free work environment.

Being able to concentrate is a vital precursor to cognition in the workplace. If you can’t think clearly, your performance, strategic decision making, and responses to both internal and external events are compromised.

The findings that I have presented suggest that efforts to improve your quality of life and maintain a good environment are vital for your performance since such initiatives increase the level of satisfaction and raising your overall productivity. Consequently, investing in the quality of life can help you in the achievement of goals and objectives, ensuring improved results.

Have a wonderful day!

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