Premier League is all set to return

Football fans around the globe couldn’t be more excited as the most favorite league on earth is set to make a return from the corona virus suspension this June, there are 92 matches still to play, and it couldn’t be better with Arsenal kicking off against Manchester City. Home and away matches look most likely for the majority of games, with a few high-profile games at neutral grounds are being suggested by the local police force (what seems unlikely now but, we all know how crazy English football fans are).

It’s a bitter sweet moments for a few clubs of the league, while Liverpool sits 25 Points clear at the top of the table needing just 2 points to secure the trophy this season. While Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich City are in the process of relegation, Clubs have agreed to a provisional end date of Saturday, 25th of July, also understanding a very busy upcoming weeks filled with a lot of games than usual, finishing the season would require six weekends and three midweek rounds. Many exciting young talents making it into headlines and a few big transfers were yet to make a mark on the league

Whilst it may not be extremely interesting on terms of who will be lifting the trophy this season, teams contending for the next year European competition are set to make it ever so interesting, bearing in minds just 18 points separating 2nd position to 11th position on the table.

And in terms of European competition, the last 16 second-leg matches in the champions league and Europa league are decided to play between 6-8th of august, City, Chelsea, United, Rangers and Wolves are still involved, UEFA board is yet to discuss these dates

With all the matches taking place behind closed doors and all the clubs assuring to follow health guidelines issued by the government the trajectory to another accelerating season seems to be on track. However football doesn’t seem to be the same as before with new substitution rules of up to 5 subs per match, In absence of the 12th man both teams seems to take a toll but, also same being an opportunity for the coach, staffs and players to communicate easily with no noise, genius tactical moves are the most plausible guess for the oncoming games. With social distancing rules at large both in training and during games celebration are going to take a new turn and we can’t wait to see some new trends in footballing community. With no wavin’ Flags and cheering crowds football is not gonna be same for a while.

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