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Open Up And Express Yourself


If thoughts are running excessively through your mind and causing stress, it is time to pour them out and let your mind relax. At times, feelings could become too much to handle. Your emotions are a part of you. Therefore, it's your responsibility to take care of them. It's time to bring out all that is within you.

Nevertheless, expressing your feelings and emotions through healthy communications, on the whole, sounds good for you as your loved ones will listen and validate your feelings. Most of us may have an inner conflict over whether we should be sharing our feelings or suppressing it within. However, to truly express yourself, you cannot just fit yourself into a pre-existing role. You need to create your own expression to figure out who you really are!

1. Sing: While listening to music, you are free from the conventions of everyday speech and music has always been stimulating and soothing. However, singing lets your inner voice shine. Don’t keep all your feelings bottled up inside you. Your throat is a pressure valve for your body, where your inner feeling takes form through sound. Singing frees up your inhibitions so that your emotions can find expression in the world.

2. Dance: When your body feels good, your mind does, too! So, why not let your body speak up? Your body is a storage unit to your unexpressed emotions and dancing causes our bodies to feel calm, happy, and optimistic. When the body feels good, your mind does, too! The scientific reason for why dance can act as a stress reliever stems from the idea that you can feel the energy shoot throughout your body while you dance. Let it show you the way. Let yourself go, surrender to your instincts. Celebrate the primacy of dance and the immediacy of physical expression. Turn on the music and go! Find somewhere to dance freely and learn about your natural rhythms and your feelings through your faithful body, your physical home.

3. Doodle: Don’t keep all your words within yourself. Drawing Criss-cross lines, writing your name with a new font or scribbling, and letting your hand wander has always been one of the best ways of expressing yourself. Such artistic skills can inspire new thoughts, leading to greater success at work. So, don't forget to take the time in the day to doodle.

4. Art: Drawing, painting and other kinds of art are simply part of the human instinct to communicate and express ourselves. Apart from expressing yourself, unleashing your artistic side can open up your mind to new and compelling ideas and engender the discovery of passions and intellect and also takes your mind off your negative feelings. For every emotion, you have a blank canvas. You are the artist and can choose to paint it as you wish. So just open up! Paint a rainy day or go for painting sunshine. Remember that you don’t need the most expensive oils or canvas to let your creative juices flow. Grab your paintbrush and let your feelings out!

4. Diary entry: Like a best friend, a diary is where you can share your innermost complex thoughts, secrets, and express yourself in a safe and private place. Get in the habit of writing your feelings down on paper. Just keep writing whatever comes to your mind until you feel satisfied and until your deepest desires and fears make themselves known. Meet yourself on paper, between the letters by unscrambling all your thoughts from your head and writing it concisely. Write freely and liberally, expressing yourself in a calm, relaxed, and personal place.

5. Poetry: Poetry writing is an artistic medium and one of the most effective modes of expression. While you write, you discover all that is untold within you. You find thoughts and emotions that were hidden deep inside and running within you. Poetry is the perfect way to express a wide range of emotions like anxiety, despair, anger, sadness, happiness, joy, bliss, excitement, and so on, that our routine communication might not be able to convey aptly.

In this accelerated pace of life, each one of us is too consumed by our lives to invest time to express ourselves. It is you who is solely in charge of managing your emotions without repressing or hiding them and be able to relieve and ease yourselves. The more you express, the more you discover. Write a song, a little poetry, paint your imagination, take a photograph, cook, and reward yourself! It is worth doing and will pay off with time, as long as you allow yourself to truly explore, express, and challenging yourself.

And yes! Bear in mind that it is not about the perfection of your expression but just your way of expressing.

Have a happy day & Enjoy to the fullest!

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