One Of The Strongest Relationship : Friendship

What is friendship? A pure form of love where there is no selfishness and selflessness. The best relation where we can depend on each other look up to them and share anything without hesitation.

You don’t actually have to have a conversation just the silence tells you all. There is this magical bond where you are happy for each other’s success when you have small arguments but that really doesn’t disturb your equation, when you know you have screwed up the day just a few minutes talk with them and you just forget everything. Nothing can justify what your relationship is with your friend.

Friendship is that relation which has no age limit. They are healers, isn’t it something special when you don’t tell anything to anyone and yet that one special person called your friend finds out and try to calm you up. God has made this bond so beautiful.

There may be many people who come into your life and go but this one person who stays for a lifetime with you. He gives you strength when your low, he cheers you up in your sad time, he knows what makes you happy and knows all your favourite things just to make you happy they give you solution when you can’t take one. This one person who never lets you down just love them immense fully and never lose this magical bond that you are gifted with.

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