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Indonesia is a most marvellous country, spread out over a vast part of South East Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Full of gorgeous long beaches, a tropical climate, wonderful natural locations and a rich cultural heritage, Indonesia has become one of the world’s premier tourist hot spots.

In this amazing country, we found today's interviewee. She's young and talented! She is an amateur digital artist who has just started catching everyone's attention with her skills.

Tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Megieta Selena. I’m eighteen years old. I live in Indonesia. I love to make digital art so you can call me a digital illustrator.

Tell us about your schooling and education.

Talking about school, I just graduated from high school this year and will continue my studies in the agribusiness department.

How did you start illustrations?

Firstly, I was very fond of drawing when I was in kindergarten. When I was in junior high school, I thought of trying digital art with my Samsung Illustrator Pad. Since then, it all began with many difficulties. I have had many trials and errors while practising. Then, when I graduated high school I started to find my art style and decided to become a freelance illustrator.

Were you always interested to take this path?

Of course, because I think this is my passion and I have a lot of dreams going forward in this path.

What are your other fields of interest?

My other fields of interest are writing and movie. Sometimes I love to write all of my confusion or anxiety into quotes. I’ve also been a scriptwriter of a short movie when I was in high school.

How do you come up with new ideas for illustrations?

My new ideas for illustration comes up when I look into a trend or when I have a confusion. I manage to jot down the confusion in a piece of writing. I imagine how the right illustration would go with writing. Sometimes, I love to read a children’s storybook or do hours of brainstorming on Pinterest to find new ideas.

How is social media helping you grow?

Social media helps me a lot to grow. Because of social media, I can let all the people see my illustration. I can do commissions for people’s portrait, illustrations or logos. Mainly, I can use social media as an open portfolio and find other people who have the same interest in art.

Which is your best illustration to date?

My best illustration till today was my illustration of Ian Hugen’s portrait with flowers which has a colour that reflects pride.

What's the fun part of your job?

The fun part of my job is when I have to face the client that have so many requests. From there I can find various characters of people and make them as a reference to face every client in the future. Another fun part of my job is because I love to do digital illustration, I enjoy doing this job every day without any pressure.

What tools do you use for your work?

The tools that I use for my work is still my Samsung Illustration Pad. I’ve been using this tablet since I entered junior high school which was 6 years ago.

How supportive were your friends towards this?

All of my friends were very supportive. They always support me by motivating me to do better. Some of them are purchasing my illustration too.

How was quarantine for you? Was it productive?

For me, quarantine was a love-hate relation. I hated it because I can’t go outside and do a market survey for my illustration sales plan going forward. But I loved quarantine because I have a lot of time spent at home and could do a lot of commission work every day.

Tell us about your country and your surroundings.

My country is a country with a large population. At the same time, they have different ways to implement a work of art. They also have an even interest in the art of all aspects. Art also makes all the tourist attractions in my country.

What's next for you?

My next plan in the future, I will practice to make a cute cartoon illustration and realize an illustration that is suitable for a children storybook.

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