Mahi bids adieu to Blue Jersey (7)

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Mahendra Singh Dhoni a cricketing legend changed the phase of Indian Cricket. He is cool as a cucumber, extremely destructive batsmen and a brilliant captain who led Team India into in-numerous titles. World Cup 2011 being the highlight of his career, surprisingly is not the only feather in his cap.

To talk about MSD, we have to look into the various roles he had in the team. The Captain, Wicket-keeper, Destructive lower-middle order Batsmen and a great reader of the game. One of the best aspect of him was the ability to read and understand the game-play and lead the team likewise. Today we not only honor him as the one the best wicket-keeper batsmen in world cricket but also respect and recognize his ability of choice-making.

As a Captain of a team representing a nation that takes the sport so serious is not an easy job. Throughout his career he faced many allegations and criticism for the choices he made. However, his ability to have the situational awareness during the matches in order to tweak the batting order or make bizarre bowling changes more often then not paid off.

Some of his controversial decisions were, Jogindhar sharma in 2007 T20 WC, promoting himself up the batting order in 2011 WC, Ishant Sharma after getting slaughter in his previous over comes back and takes two back to back wickets in Champions Trophy 2013. Although these decisions may feel strange to a cricket guru watching the match at home, were technically the need of the hour each one of them. To have a Captain who understands the game so well all these years was a blessing for Team India.

So we'll not only miss his finishing sixer's, rapid stumping's, accurate LBW appeals, but also a strong cool personality in the team who actually absorbed the pressure from all players in the team and let his brain do the thinking. World Cricket will always remember him as a player who always was one step ahead of his opposition.

Thank you Dhoni for bringing home all the ICC Trophies. Your absence in the team will be felt deeply.

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