Good Old Goa!

A day into this crazy journey and I'm already in love with this place. Every ride here feels so surreal and picturesque.

My day started at the Immaculate Conception Church. Located on a hilltop with 78 zigzagging double staircases and a distinctive facade with two towers, the church has imposing imagery that fails to leave our mind. The subtle interiors instil a sense of calm and composure. As I walk out of the church, I face the beautiful city of Panaji. The view was mind-blowing! History says this church started off as a chapel in the 1520s that attracted prayers from sailors who showered their gratitude on the lord for bringing them back to their families, against the perils of the ocean.

As I tread the streets of Goa, I witness one of the most varied shopping cultures in the world. From cashews to wine, jewellery to souvenirs, with perfection in every bit. Goa is probably one of the very few places in the country to have an item of indigenous theme-based clothing. Every piece of cloth sold here has a breezy and flowery texture to it which makes it lovable and super comfortable!

It was lunchtime and heaven decides to pour down. I took shelter at the nearest house. As I was wiping off the rain droplets, I felt a strange odour. The best one so far. I turn around to witness a small house turned into a restaurant. And that's how I stepped into Pakiza, a paradise on earth.

Food, to me, isn't just a bare necessity. It's love. And good food is the fastest way to my heart. I ordered silverfish fry and prawn biryani, the bestsellers! Over the next 20 minutes or so, Pakiza had won my heart and my respect ❤

Established in 1992, Pakiza is a homely, family restaurant run by a Muslim family. Pakiza in Urdu means Exquisite. Staying true to its name, every meal cooked here is as close to home-cooked food, as is possible. Probably that's the only secret to their delicious, unique taste.

After polishing off the plate, I go back to my hotel. I turn left to see the sunset. I smile as this beautiful city has given me a gazillion memories. But the saddest part is, tomorrow is my last day here. With these thoughts, I started walking again.

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