The custodial killing of unarmed African American George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 ignited a nationwide movement against police brutality in the United States. Right after the death became viral, protestors have been triggered and haven't stopped protesting since then.

In the video that became viral online soon after his death, where Floyd is seen pleading with Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, who strangled him by pinning him to the ground under his knee for several minutes. Floyd’s final words,

“I can’t breathe”

⁠— soon became a cry for protests across the globe. Chauvin and three other police officials involved in Floyd’s death have since been fired and arrested.

Floyd was born in North Carolina and lived his life in Houston, Texas. He relocated to Minneapolis in search of work in 2014. He was commonly called the ‘Big Floyd’. This 46-year-old is lived with his girlfriend Courtney Ross and three children.

In 2007, Floyd was charged with armed robbery in an asserted case of a home incursion. He was convicted to five years in prison in 2009. After being released from jail, he reportedly moved to Minneapolis.

Prior to his death, he lost his job as a security guard at a local Latin American restaurant. According to his autopsy report, Floyd had tested positive for coronavirus on April 3 but was asymptomatic.

Floyd was restrained in Minneapolis on May 25 for avowedly using forged money to purchase a pack of cigarettes at a local grocery store. According to a police statement, Floyd initially resisted arrest following which Chauvin pinned him to the ground and suffocated him.

Soon after, an ambulance carried Floyd to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The four police officials involved in the crime were fired and arrested. While Chauvin was charged with murder, the other three were charged with abetting the crime.

During a commemorative service for Floyd in Minneapolis on Thursday, protestors in several US cities stood in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds ⁠— the same amount of time Floyd spent pinned to the ground under Chauvin’s knee.

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