Gentleman's Game Redefined

Modern-day cricket is filled with extreme energy and athletism. Although the sport has undergone several changes over the decades, it is still regarded as "Gentleman's Game".

The good team spirit involved along with the respect shown to the opposition claims the title.

Now you can argue that the Modern-day cricket is much more aggressive & has pushed the boundaries in terms of Respect shown to the opposition. Yes, the sport has become much more impulsive. Yet some gesture's shown during the game reassures that the title is apt.

Guard of Honour

Guard of Honour is the highest form of respect shown on the field for a player.

What makes this Guard of Honour more special is that majority of the time it is given by the opposition team for a player, who is about to retire. It is a sign of respect given to the player and the legacy that he is about to leave behind. It is truly a wonderful moment in the game. This gesture is unique to this sport alone.

All's well that ends well

With the increased intensity of the sport, Verbal Banter is very much common these days. Sledging incidents obviously doesn't reflect well on the sport. We have seen many times, the opposition tries to get under the skin of the batsmen forcing him to commit mistakes. However, this era of cricketers has a better professional relationship, as they interconnect with a lot of them during the Domestic Leagues.

It is customary at the end of a cricket match irrespective of the result, players from both sides acknowledge the effort put in by each of one them & congratulate. This marks as a sign of peace and good spirit. As cricketers leave aside any sort of heated incidents they may have had and treat it as Part & Parcel of the game.

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