Game of Cricket takes a hit after COVID-19

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The world of Cricket was arguably at the peak of its era, as the deadly virus broke out into the world. Many of the veterans of the game were looking forward to the upcoming T20 World Cup while the youngsters had their eye on the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League(IPL).

The dangerous and highly contagious decease causing viruses spread like wildfire into the corners of the world in no time. Just like any other Governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) instructed the immediate suspension of the sport. The stadiums which were to be flooded by the energy of the fans seemed dull. The TV suddenly seemed outdated with a lack of live-action sport.

With more than half-a-year of dedicated isolation and precaution, it didn't seem this was going to end soon. We just had to find a different way to live along with the virus, things like Social Distancing and usage of personal protective gear were made compulsory. However, they don't go hand in hand with the game. Cricket is an energetic game filled with close human contact, the celebrations and the close-knit camaraderie between the teammates shall take a hit. Things shall change and it's not clear if the game can adopt those changes.

We the fans, cannot possibly fathom the image of the sport being played in empty stadiums. The game has evolved and now the fans are as much as involved as the sport itself. The cricketing boards of various countries rely on the appearance of the fans. Just like all the business industries suffering a loss at these unfortunate times, the game of cricket has also taken its share of beating.

But we shall rise. Times shall change and get better, finding various ways to combat the virus. It was quite wonderful to see all sports personnel take the initiative to come out on the social applauding the efforts of the medical staff and encouraging the supporters to remain indoors.

We wish to see the game get back its charisma yet again. The Governing Board has indeed taken a few decisions to ensure the safety of the players for the future. The rules & regulations that need to be strictly followed are being drafted.

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