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Updated: Jun 20, 2020


DREAM? An abbreviation for building castles in the air? A 5-letter shrink of “cushions from reality”? Well, amidst a mixed bag of interpretations I’d like to say that this short piece is set on the negative realm of life. What if everything in life happened the way we desired? — GST- free restaurants,24-hr Wi-Fi hotspots at every public location, socially adaptive set of people around with a broadly progressive community, and so forth. Not everything takes shape akin to what faded from your line of sight soon after rising up from a sound sleep. DREAMS- they’re very much integral but not what’s real.

The sorely insipid opening might induce a

serious misconception on everyone reading the article- this guy never believes in dreaming high or achieving. Yes, the conception is partially correct- I don’t set my beliefs on dreams rather I set them on my task at hand. Squandering around a 24-hour time frame, a hectic work schedule, and rather comforting family time- how many of us actually find time to sit down, introspect and delegate work to every cell of the cranium on a regular basis? But the lament-worthy part is that we actually spend time on the dubious destination than on the frosty path ahead. We turn oblivious to the perilous road ahead because the final prize seems too lucrative to resist.

Well, life is a perpetual far cry from dreams that set in on an individual. Dreams merely offer a cushion of comfort from the grotesque reality thereby facilitating methodical destruction of any hands-on-preparation or execution towards the final goal. Being part of an era that boasts of an immensely skillful workforce, I guess there wouldn’t be a dearth of idols/role models you look up to. But never let any of those people satiate your hunger to innovate and work, in other words never look up to WHAT they achieved rather to HOW they achieved. So, step out with a lust to explore and draft a methodical approach for the travel.

Dream to follow, but never follow a dream.

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