Few Unknown Mental Health Conditions

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Have you ever come across a mental condition or a disorder that you've never heard of but want to know more about?

Some mental health conditions are well documented with treatment options. There are others that we still don't know very much about. Even the most seasoned mental health professionals scratch their heads as to the causes of them.

So today I'll tell you about a few new mental health conditions I learnt about recently. Please understand that while these conditions are unusual there are people who experience these on a daily basis. Their struggles are just as valid as anyone else's and should be treated with the same respect as anyone else.

If anyone of you who's reading this article is experiencing the following kind of feelings, then I suggest you seek professional advice for the same.

  • Folie a Deux

Did you know that it is possible for two or more people in a close relationship to share the same delusion?

Folie a Deux or shared psychotic disorder is a psychotic delusion that develops in one person ( the active participant) and gets passed on to the person close to them. It most commonly occurs in families. However, there have been reports where it affected a doctor and a patient. Surprisingly even a person and an animal.

  • Visual Snow Syndrome

Those with visual snow syndrome can see what can best be described as static or visual noise overlaid on everything on their field of vision. The severity varies from person to person where some may struggle with night vision or migraines. However, the majority may not even notice it. This syndrome is not considered a disorder and is often said to have little impact on a person's daily life.

  • Erotomania

This is a condition where a person believes that someone whether a celebrity or someone they know is madly in love with them. They hold on to their belief even when there's no evidence of such being true and may even end up with false evidence to justify their behaviour. They may sometime demonstrate violent and obsessive behaviour towards that person. Other times it can just be an infatuation they don't act upon. Little is known about this condition but it's believed to affect women more than men.

  • Musical Ear Syndrome

This is an auditory hallucination commonly found in people who have tinnitus. Though it can also arise from brain trauma, medication and even stress. This syndrome can cause great levels of discomfort as they may be hearing the same song or sound over and over again. It's believed to be caused by the brain taking obscure, ambient noises and filling in the blanks which can sound like music.

  • Alien Hand Syndrome

This syndrome causes your hand to act as if it has a mind of its own. Your hand becomes uncontrollable unlike the rest of your body. It may also act out in opposition. Imagine picking up an object off the floor only to have your hand suddenly and purposefully drop it down! This is a neurological condition with no cure but there are treatment options to manage it.

These are the 5 new mental health disorders I learnt. Hope it was informative to you as well. Don't ever underestimate the others undergoing. Stay humble. Stay kind.

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*none of us is professionally trained to give therapy, but we are always here to listen to you.

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