Love Actually

Updated: May 30, 2020

There are so many different kinds of love in this world. What comes to your mind when one says the word ‘Love’? Do you feel heavy-hearted? Or does it warm your heart? Or nothing at all.

Everybody feels different about it, you don’t have to feel the like the world is showering a bundle of heart-shaped confetti on you. I’ve come to learn that a person can spread love to a thousand people and still has the strength to love a thousand more. I love the concept of love, but I am also aware that not everybody likes the concept of love like me.

A childhood obsession is the kind of love we all first experienced. All of us would have had that something so valuable to us back then, that it almost felt impossible to let go of it. We got over it, while we grew, but we loved it. We would have traded anything to get that feeling back. Now it is all just something you felt a long time ago.

Teenage love. Oh, how happy we felt. We fell in love with everything and so easily, may it be our English teacher whom we aspired to become when we grew up or the guy who sat next to us who was kind enough shared his stationery. This type of love motivated us to do better, it pushed us to feel new things.

Friendship. This is the kind of love that is almost so pure. It is so intense, it makes our life so much more meaningful. We love our friends in ways we can’t explain. We are strong when they aren’t. We support them when they need it. We care and be a part of their lives like they are in ours.

Selfless love. This type of love can make one feel very happy or the complete opposite. What a parent-child have is a selfless love, but when it is not the parents but the partners, there will be a thin line that separates this love from self-pity. As much as it is a warm feeling to be loved this way, one should learn to give back and make the other feel safe.

The love that breaks your heart. Everybody will go through this at least once in their life. It can be about a person you growing old with or anyone whom you loved and trusted the most. We never know what to expect, at the same time we cant keep our heart out on sleeves all the time. Not everyone understands the intensity of your sadness. One must always believe that they can get back and love again only to get so much more in return.

The one that never lasts. This is a very passionate love, it comes so fast. Gushes in your veins. You know and believe that it’s the most you’ve ever felt, but as much as you aspire to keep that love alive, it only fades away. This is the kind of love that ‘burns hot and bright, but burns out fast’. This is the kind that is feared the most, strangely enough. That’s because human beings have an instinctual impulse to procreate, that this love is so powerful and it will result in a loss of control.

The pragmatic love. This is what it has reduced to in this very practical world we live in. No one has the time to have a fairy tale of their own. Pragmatic is the most realistic kind of love that exists. This is the kind of love that lives. The kind of old married couples who have been together since their teenage years and still hold hands, well, that’s a great example of pragma. Unfortunately, this kind of love is somewhat rare to find – especially in society today. These days, people seem to think the grass is always greener on the other side and therefore, they don’t have the patience or desire to watch love grow over time. This type of love doesn’t require a lot of effort in a relationship. Both people are good at making compromises, and each of them puts in equal efforts to make the other person happy.

Self-love. In our modern-day society, most people associate self-love with being narcissistic, selfish, or stuck on themselves. Self-love is not negative or unhealthy in any way. In fact, it’s necessary to be able to give and receive love from other people. We cannot give to others what we don’t have and if we don’t love ourselves, how can we truly love others?

Another way to look at self-love is by thinking about it as self-compassion. Just as you might show affection and love to another person, you must also show that same affection and love to yourself.

There are a thousand different ways in how you can spread love, how you can fall in love and all the ways you can make that little heart of yours to glow.

Love is connected to happiness, if yours isn’t giving you any, then are you really in love? Or is it just an idea of being in love?

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